Because we are an intentional religious community, worship services will be offered every day of Chalice Sparx Family Camp. The worship services are in the spirit of Unitarian Universalism which respects all paths of belief including (but not limited to) Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist, Theist, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian.

Therefore, worship services may be of multiple flavors served like a buffet for you to take what is meaningful and you can leave the rest for someone else to savor. We hope that if one particular worship service does not speak to you that you will be open to the possibility that on another day you will be moved by the message and the mood of the worship service. 

The worship service is open to all ages, and as a result can seem at times a bit chaotic and messy.  However, we believe that all of us have the spirit of the child within us, no matter what our age or how many life experiences we’ve had. So these worship services are intentionally designed to be kinetic, experiential and interactive. You may involve yourself as much or as little as the spirit moves you. Dancing in the aisles and calling back responses are completely acceptable in this safe environment. So is sitting back and taking it all in if that is more your style.

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